In the months, weeks and hours leading up to Saint Lucia Carnival, there are numerous events that are a must see, whether you’re a Carnival veteran, or Carnival newbie. Some of the staple events - Aura, Remedy, Brazen and the Carnival Parade are the deep-rooted aspects of Saint Lucia Carnival. But it won’t be Carnival without the ‘wining’ and jumping and non-stop partying.

Here’s a great tip for first-time Carnival revellers - Before you brave any Saint Lucia Carnival event, don’t be afraid to perfect your ‘wining’ motions. You can bet on someone asking pretty ladies to “take ah wine.” Either way, master the move so that you keep up with the locals and really party like a Saint Lucian.

By the time Carnival Monday rolls around, your dancing skills will help burn off all the yummy calories you’ll be consuming – let’s face it; Saint Lucia’s Carnival food scene is just as fabulous! The ultimate Carnival experience is when one joins a “band.” And you’re in luck because we have connections withe biggest and hottest band, XUVO.

Competing band members flock together at predetermined locations near the staging area, for the beginning of what will be a hyperactive dance session through the city’s streets. With speakers the size of warehouse refrigerators, the vibrations and sounds begin with only the trance of soca leading you throughout the streets of Saint Lucia.

If you’re still alive at the end of Carnival Monday, many band members will go off to enjoy official band parties or you can opt to go home to revitalize yourself – don’t worry, you can comfort yourself by the fact that the next day is Carnival Tuesday…

and we’ve got you covered with a Cool Down island tour or if you still have energy, a super sexy “Suits” cruise to end your vacation.

This is an experience you don’t want to miss, join us and your fellow Carnival Addictz for an unforgettable experience.


Our Carnival Addictz are always VIP, and because of this you have special access to the private section “Krave - Imperials'“ with Xuvo Carnival.

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Stay tuned for information on our St. Lucia Packages…..

Stay tuned for information on our St. Lucia Packages…..